As Boomers age, we're helping our parents deal with livability issues.
All too soon, we'll be dealing with these issues for ourselves and our spouses. Some of us — the "early aged," who have some sort of injury or debilitating condition — are already dealing with these challenges.

We offer
-Tub to shower transformation
-Tub easy access
-Safety bars- Grab bars
-Safety mats
-Anti slip surface

Bathtub Transformation
Our revolutionary walk in tubs are the premier bathtub for a safer, healthier and more comfortable bathing experience. Safety This walk in tub is an exceptional solution to the safety and mobility concerns folks with disabilities have in using a conventional bathtub. This tub is great for residential or institutional settings. This walk in tub has been sold to hospitals, assisted living, mental facilities, group homes, care homes, maternity wards, children’s wards etc

Safety bars
Grab bars around the bathtub are a necessity for safety. These bars should be institutional-grade, stainless steel and installed according to the manufacturer's directions for firm, solid support. These bars are expensive, but under no circumstance should towel rods or improperly installed grab bars be used as bathtub aids. They will not support a person who loses balance.

Anti slip mats
8 Times The Slip Resistance Of Regular Suction Type Bathtub Mats. Will Never Mold Or Mildew. Same Quality Bathtub Mat Used By Fine Hotels Worldwide. Free Shipping. Cover chips, rusted areas, stains and cracks.