Why Tubs and Tops?

Tubs and Tops is not just a business is a Brand!

When someone decides to hire our company they are giving us the opportunity to work, to provide for our families and to have a much better life. That is why we will do our best to provide good services with long lasting results.
We know that everybody work hard for their money and no one likes to give money away, we know that they are about to spend some money to fix a problem in their house and don't have time for re-dos and warranty issues.

Our Customer's time is valuable!
In our company every employee has to know and be very familiar with our kitchen and bathroom's refinishing process, from our office staff to our GM, every person has been out in the field working with our technicians and learning our entire process because it is important that we all know what we are doing and the type of services we provide.

That will make us the Best Refinishing Company!
We think that using cheap products, trying to cut corners to do our refinishing process faster will be “like” stealing your money. We have to take the proper time and use only the best bathtubs and sinks refinishing products in the market.

How do we know what works and what don't?
In our shop we are always trying and testing our products and tools making sure they will be affective.
We offer a long warranty, but in reality we hope that our customers won't have to use it because that will be time consuming for them, but if for whatever reason the new surface is not working in your Kitchen counter top, shower, bathtub or vanity, the only thing they will have to do is give us a call. That is all!
We are a promise of quality and good service to our customers.

A reputable franchise offers a proven business model.

A recognized brand name brings you customers who will feel more confident with a national franchise vs. an independent that doesn't have national support or accountability.

A franchisor provides a regimented training program to teach a franchisee about its services and business operations even if a franchisee has no prior experience.

A franchisor provides a broad range of operational and managerial support for its franchisees.

The collective bargaining power of a national franchise provides significant cost savings for supplies and services purchased from national accounts.

Professionally designed ad campaigns promote your business locally and nationally.